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Please remember that this site is all about bringing two people together to either purchase and, or sell a car and we accept absolutely no responsibility for any money loss whatsoever.
Always, always check the paperwork and make sure all the paperwork is in order. Never, ever purchase a car that does not have the relevant paperwork, and most importantly the log sheet.
Always check the VIN (vehicle identification number) which can be found on the left hand side of the dash, and can be seen from outside of the car, it will always match the log sheet. On a lot of the older cars it can be found on the drivers side under a mat or close to it,,,,,If you cannot find it walk away.
Look at the last MOT (motor ordnance test) sheet and look at the mot stations comments, the car might be up for sale because it will be too expensive to pass the next MOT test. Do not buy a duck with a couple of weeks to run, and demand to see the MOT certificate. If it cannot be produced,,,walk away.
If the buyer insists on a test drive always get into the passenger seat, lock the door and strap yourself in before giving the driver the keys. Too many times we have heard of the buyer taking the keys and driving off, never to be seen again.
Once you have agreed on a deal, go inside of the building before handing any money over and always, always demand a receipt.
Always deal face to face and if a purchaser tells you on the phone he will send you a cheque,,,,always, always put the phone down and ignore this buyer. If for any reason you are stupid enough to take the cheque,,,do absolutely nothing and keep the car locked in a safe place until the cheque has cleared,,,and even then go to the branch of your bank and check again. I personally would then wait another week before doing anything.
If there are any people out there that are nervous for any reason,,,,always take a friend with you for moral support and backup. A person that knows cars is a boon.
It always helps to clue yourself up about the dodgy tricks of a lot of crooks, for instance “cut and shunt”. There are also a lot of immigrants going into the car trade to make a living and are not totally clued up on the procedure.
Please do not let these few lines put you into a state of backing away from purchasing a car, At the back of it all it is a matter of common sense……after all, it makes sense to use your common sense, and enjoy the experience.